de Flute Glass studio and glass gallery

Rotorua, New Zealand.

Rotorua is known for its geysers, thermal activity and Maori culture.

It is also famous for de Flute Glass where visitors, from the safety of the gallery, can watch molten glass being blown and transformed into unique glass art.

The catch phrase of Rotorua .... Manaakitanga is, "Feel the Spirit". This captures the mistique of Maori culture and the geothermal drama of the region.

No where is the energy and colour of the area more vividly expressed than in the creations hand-blown by the team of master glass blowers than at the studio of de Flute Glass.

"Rotorua - feel the spirit - Manaakitanga". It's our catchcry . . . and it holds a pretty powerful promise as well as an invitation to experience the essence of our extraordinary slice of New Zealand.

A deep-rooted Maori cultural concept, Manaakitanga places a responsibility on us as your hosts to give you the best of ourselves, our time and our history.

A feeling you'll return home with, Manaakitanga begins the moment you arrive in Rotorua whether seeking adventure, rejuvenation, experiences with nature and earth forces, or soaking up Maori and European history, art and culture.

Rotorua - it's like no other place on earth.

The heartland of New Zealand, spiritual home to the Maori, nature's spa of the South Pacific, host to some of the world's most incredible earth forces, and the country's adventure playground - Rotorua boasts an array of icon experiences that together encapsulate the essence of our remarkable country. Our welcome to you is "Rotorua - feel the spirit - Manaakitanga".