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Volcanic Series (latest work)

Challenge: To express and capture the physical aspects of colour, pattern and texture of our local volcanic landscape, and express something of the immense untapped energy of this environment in glass.

After all, Obsidian (naturally occurring glass) is the result of volcanic activity and it seemed obvious to me that the medium of hot glass lended itself perfectly to expressing the textures and colour of geothermal activity.

This led to a period of experimentation and research into a technique developed hundreds of years ago, aimed at producing a ‘crackle’ effect on the exterior of a glass vessels. This technique involves plunging blown glass at about 800 degrees celsius into cold water. The resulting abrupt release of energy, and thermal shock of the sudden change of temperature produces the external crackling texture revealing the underlying transparency that is best revealed by displaying the work in natural sunlight or with artificial lighting. Some pieces are Acid Etched resulting in a ceramic matt finish.